Apr. 30th, 2013

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I've talked to a bunch of fanartists on tumblr, and several have expressed interest in making Discworld fanart or comics. Now we need to figure out some text. What do we want this zine to contain? Does anyone have meta they're burning to write, or crafty Discworld projects they want to create instructions for, or the lyrics to "A Wizard's Staff had a Knob on the End"?

Also, this thing needs a title. How does "The Turtle Moves" sound?
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Let's start figuring out what's going in this zine. I've been talking to people on tumblr, and have some artists, meta writers, and possibly a fanmix lined up; what else should we include? My contribution is most likley going to be a list of 'Six Awesome Historical Women Ace Should Have Flirted With;' what else do you guys want to make?

Also, I'm thinking 'Encyclopedia Gallifrey' for a title. Does that work?
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One of the zine ideas I'd really like to get off the ground is a zine about being a feminist in a fandom that's unfriendly to feminism, or unfriendly to people who have not historically been the majority in that fandom. I'm thinking specifically of women in comics and gaming here, but I would also welcome writing about being non-white, queer, or otherwise treated as the 'other' by the majority of your fandom. I'd love to have both personal stories and broader analysis.

As for a title, how about 'Storming the Clubhouse'?
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This is probably the simplest of the zine topics I'm proposing: a zine of essays and comics about people's first fandoms, and how they found them. If you're in fandom, you have a story for this zine, and I'd love to hear it.


Apr. 30th, 2013 06:25 pm
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DC Zinefest is July 20, so I think the latest I can accept contributions is the end of June. Since I don't want to be scrambling to assemble zines at the absolute last minute, it would be great if some people could commit to sending things earlier. Does anyone have anything they could get to me by the end of May?


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