May. 7th, 2013

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Hey! With Holli's permission, I'm looking for contributions to a Marvel Comics diy minizine to premiere at Holli's minizine table.

This zine is specifically for Marvel 616 universe comics: not movies, not Ultimates, not cartoons, but any mainstream Marvel comic ever made. That means Avengers, X-Men, Hawkeye, Young Avengers, Journey Into Mystery, Incredible Hercules, Agents of Atlas... Anything. The sky's the limit.

What am I looking for? Fic, fan art, short one or two page fan comics and assorted fannish things (fake in-universe ads and articles, fake secret diaries, texts from last issue - I mean last night... Whatever you can imagine.) Writing should be around 300-2,000 words, art should be one to two pages and black and white.

Slash, femslash, het and gen from G up to an NC17 rating, but please, no rape or explicit sexual content about characters under 18. (Teenagers making out, A-Okay. Having sex on the page, no.)

Contributors get a free copy of the zine, the zine will be published at cost, and a DIY print it and staple it yourself version will go up online.

Questions, comments  and brainstorming goes here!

Also, does anyone have any zine title suggestions?


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