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So, I am trying to gauge interest in attempting to put together some DIY-style fanzines. Basically, rather than giant bound volumes of fic, what we're aiming for is something closer to the personal zines and music zines found in the punk community-- 8-10 pages, folded in half and stapled together, easily made on a copier. Something a single fan could produce on her own, and share with others, without a huge investment of time or cash.

Do you have an idea for a fanzine? Is there a fandom or a theme you'd like to explore? Are you looking for contributors, or going it alone? Let's figure out what we want to make, and get started.
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So, here are some zine ideas I have been contemplating. If anyone has anything or is willing to make anything to contribute to any of these potential zines, please let me know!

1. A Doctor Who zine containing meta, short fic and fanart. This could feature anything from your list of 'reasons Ace is the biggest badass to ever badass' to the story of how you became a Doctor Who fan to a picture of Eleven if he was a giraffe. (I know, how could you tell the difference?) Fic for this zine would probably be capped at 500 words. I would aim for 10 pages of content, total, but if I get surprised by a lot of cool submissions I would cheerfully make it longer.

2. A zine about being a feminist in a fandom that isn't friendly to feminism. I'm thinking mostly of comics fandom for this because that's where my experience lies, but people who've got stories to tell about gaming fandoms or other fandoms would be more than welcome.

3. A Discworld zine in the same mode as the Doctor Who zine above-- meta, fic, fanart and other short bits and pieces. I would especially love to get good fanart for this, because I see depressingly little of it.

4. A zine of stories about how people became fans. Comics about how people became fans would also be VERY welcome.

If there are single-fandom zines anyone is interested in making (Avengers is on my wishlist, for instance), or meta topics that could sustain a zine, I would love to hear about them.

I also want to be up-front about my plans for these zines: everyone who contributes would get a copy, plus digital files; I would cover my costs by selling copies at DC Zinefest and any extra money would be donated to the Zinefest or another agreed-upon charity.

If you're interested in participating in anything I've listed, or in adding to the list, I'd love to hear from you.

Signal boosts would be much appreciated.


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