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Round 2 is underway!

I'm going to be tabling at Brooklyn Zinefest of April 27. That means MORE ZINES! This time around, I'm putting together:

CHOSEN ONES: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanzine
THE AVATAR CYCLE: An Avatar: The Last Airbender fanzine
CONCORDANCE: A Young Wizards fanzine
INFINITE UNKNOWNS: A Star Trek fanzine

If you're interested in participating, get in touch! Signal boosting is also very much appreciated. I need all contributions by March 31.
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"Welcome to 616" Marvel Comics zine online

Several globes in a row, an arrow pointing to one and the words Welcome to 616
"Welcome to 616" a DIY fanfiction mini-zine, is now live! This 38 page (in print) zine contains Captain Marvel, Avengers and Hawkeye fic and a brand-new never before seen Journey into Mystery fic by Lunik! Now available for download in digital reading PDF suitable for computers and tablets; print, fold and staple your own zine PDF; larger print pdf and doc. Download here.

Zine Table of Contents )
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SUCCESS. #fanzines

You can download PDFs of the finished zines here. Feel free to reupload, link, and share wherever.
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Progress report

Hi, guys! Checking in with a status update. I have finished formatting and layouts for the Discworld and Pushing Daisies zines; they came in at 20 and 16 pages respectively. I am still waiting on some content for the Les Mis and Doctor Who zines, but they should still be done in time. Storming the Clubhouse is tabled for now due to lack of content, but How I Found Fandom is proceeding at quarter-size.

I am trying to hunt down a bit more fanart for the Doctor Who zine, and am willing to accept previously published work, so if you have any favorite fanartists to recommend I'd love to hear about them.

Zines will be available for mail order after Zinefest on the 20th. I will have pricing details once I know how much they cost to make.
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Check-in time!

Hey, zinesters! Just want to check in and see what you guys are working on, and remind you that the deadline is in nine days. If you know what you're making, and how many pages you're going to need, I'd really appreciate you letting me know. I've received a few really cool submissions thus far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!
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Marvel Comics 616 mini-zine

Hey! With Holli's permission, I'm looking for contributions to a Marvel Comics diy minizine to premiere at Holli's minizine table.

This zine is specifically for Marvel 616 universe comics: not movies, not Ultimates, not cartoons, but any mainstream Marvel comic ever made. That means Avengers, X-Men, Hawkeye, Young Avengers, Journey Into Mystery, Incredible Hercules, Agents of Atlas... Anything. The sky's the limit.

What am I looking for? Fic, fan art, short one or two page fan comics and assorted fannish things (fake in-universe ads and articles, fake secret diaries, texts from last issue - I mean last night... Whatever you can imagine.) Writing should be around 300-2,000 words, art should be one to two pages and black and white.

Slash, femslash, het and gen from G up to an NC17 rating, but please, no rape or explicit sexual content about characters under 18. (Teenagers making out, A-Okay. Having sex on the page, no.)

Contributors get a free copy of the zine, the zine will be published at cost, and a DIY print it and staple it yourself version will go up online.

Questions, comments  and brainstorming goes here!

Also, does anyone have any zine title suggestions?
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questions, answered

So I’ve had people asking some questions about the fanzine project, and I figured I should answer them. If you have any other questions, please send them my way! Signal boosting this post would be particularly welcome, as it rounds up the whole project in one place.

1. What’s a zine? What’s a fanzine? )
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Potential Les Mis fanzine

Some of the fanartists I've talked to on Tumblr have expressed interest in drawing art for a Les Mis zine. I also have one potential text piece lined up. Would anyone else be interested in writing or drawing for a Les Mis zine? I would particularly love to have anything that gives historical context to the events of the Brick, and perhaps a primer for musical fans who haven't read it yet. Or a list of awesome moments you're missing out on by not reading the Brick.
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DC Zinefest is July 20, so I think the latest I can accept contributions is the end of June. Since I don't want to be scrambling to assemble zines at the absolute last minute, it would be great if some people could commit to sending things earlier. Does anyone have anything they could get to me by the end of May?
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'How I Found Fandom' zine discussion

This is probably the simplest of the zine topics I'm proposing: a zine of essays and comics about people's first fandoms, and how they found them. If you're in fandom, you have a story for this zine, and I'd love to hear it.
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Feminism meta zine discussion

One of the zine ideas I'd really like to get off the ground is a zine about being a feminist in a fandom that's unfriendly to feminism, or unfriendly to people who have not historically been the majority in that fandom. I'm thinking specifically of women in comics and gaming here, but I would also welcome writing about being non-white, queer, or otherwise treated as the 'other' by the majority of your fandom. I'd love to have both personal stories and broader analysis.

As for a title, how about 'Storming the Clubhouse'?
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Doctor Who zine discussion

Let's start figuring out what's going in this zine. I've been talking to people on tumblr, and have some artists, meta writers, and possibly a fanmix lined up; what else should we include? My contribution is most likley going to be a list of 'Six Awesome Historical Women Ace Should Have Flirted With;' what else do you guys want to make?

Also, I'm thinking 'Encyclopedia Gallifrey' for a title. Does that work?
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Discworld zine discussion

I've talked to a bunch of fanartists on tumblr, and several have expressed interest in making Discworld fanart or comics. Now we need to figure out some text. What do we want this zine to contain? Does anyone have meta they're burning to write, or crafty Discworld projects they want to create instructions for, or the lyrics to "A Wizard's Staff had a Knob on the End"?

Also, this thing needs a title. How does "The Turtle Moves" sound?
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Pushing Daisies zine discussion

So there's been some interest expressed in a Pushing Daisies zine! Anyone with ideas for things to contribute or any other interest in a potential Pushing Daisies zine can discuss in this post.

Things I personally would love to see:

-Paper dolls of Chuck's outfits
-meta about the awesome visual style of the show
-speculation about where the show might have gone had it continued

Any other suggestions?
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getting started

So, here are some zine ideas I have been contemplating. If anyone has anything or is willing to make anything to contribute to any of these potential zines, please let me know!

1. A Doctor Who zine containing meta, short fic and fanart. This could feature anything from your list of 'reasons Ace is the biggest badass to ever badass' to the story of how you became a Doctor Who fan to a picture of Eleven if he was a giraffe. (I know, how could you tell the difference?) Fic for this zine would probably be capped at 500 words. I would aim for 10 pages of content, total, but if I get surprised by a lot of cool submissions I would cheerfully make it longer.

2. A zine about being a feminist in a fandom that isn't friendly to feminism. I'm thinking mostly of comics fandom for this because that's where my experience lies, but people who've got stories to tell about gaming fandoms or other fandoms would be more than welcome.

3. A Discworld zine in the same mode as the Doctor Who zine above-- meta, fic, fanart and other short bits and pieces. I would especially love to get good fanart for this, because I see depressingly little of it.

4. A zine of stories about how people became fans. Comics about how people became fans would also be VERY welcome.

If there are single-fandom zines anyone is interested in making (Avengers is on my wishlist, for instance), or meta topics that could sustain a zine, I would love to hear about them.

I also want to be up-front about my plans for these zines: everyone who contributes would get a copy, plus digital files; I would cover my costs by selling copies at DC Zinefest and any extra money would be donated to the Zinefest or another agreed-upon charity.

If you're interested in participating in anything I've listed, or in adding to the list, I'd love to hear from you.

Signal boosts would be much appreciated.
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So, I am trying to gauge interest in attempting to put together some DIY-style fanzines. Basically, rather than giant bound volumes of fic, what we're aiming for is something closer to the personal zines and music zines found in the punk community-- 8-10 pages, folded in half and stapled together, easily made on a copier. Something a single fan could produce on her own, and share with others, without a huge investment of time or cash.

Do you have an idea for a fanzine? Is there a fandom or a theme you'd like to explore? Are you looking for contributors, or going it alone? Let's figure out what we want to make, and get started.